Equipment for laboratories of Department of Environment in Bangladesh

The Department of Environment has purchased laboratory equipment and measuring devices for wastewater analysis from BS-consult for various locations all over Bangladesh.

We provided a training in how to use the measuring instruments and various probes for users from the water industry in Bangladesh.

Practical tips and general information from the field of wastewater analysis were also part of the training.

Repair and testing of reverse osmosis systems

For the disaster relief team of arche noVa e.V. we repaired five damaged reverse osmosis systems. Some of them had been heavily damaged.

With our help the systems can now produce clean water for people in need again.

arche noVa – Initiative-für Menschen in Not e.V. is a german non-profit- and non-governmental organisation working primarily on the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education.

Regardless of the victims’ ethnicity and ideology they support all those who suffer from war, suppression and natural disasters.

We are pleased that we could help them to help others.

Design of solar powered irrigation system

BS-consult designed a solar powered irrigation and water storage system for a pig farm in Ruhango distrcit Rwanda.

The farm has 200 pigs and several fields with crops. Our task was the design of a system to supply the pig stables and the fields.

The system is designed to pump water from a well to a  water reservoir with a difference in altitude of 20m. Because of high suspended solids in the water we included a filter chamber. From the reservoir we planned pipework to the fields and to the stable.