Installation of Power-system protection for new substation in Bad Vilbel

Von – Eigenes Werk, CC BY 3.0 de

For the new construction of a sub station in Bad Vilbel in the north of Frankfurt, BS-consult has installed the network protection technology.

On behalf of the protection technology manufacturer BS carried out the installation of the switch cabinets and the connection of the protection technology in the switchgear.

Part of the construction was also the installation of control technology in the control center and its connection to the protection technology.
For the whole project a time expenditure of 4 weeks was planned. This timeframe for all activities was met.

Equipment for laboratories of Department of Environment in Bangladesh

The Department of Environment has purchased laboratory equipment and measuring devices for wastewater analysis from BS-consult for various locations all over Bangladesh.

We provided a training in how to use the measuring instruments and various probes for users from the water industry in Bangladesh.

Practical tips and general information from the field of wastewater analysis were also part of the training.

Installation of protection system at STEAG power plant in Bergkamen / Germany

Bild: Rainer Knäpper, Lizenz Freie Kunst

As sub-contractor for a manufacturer of protection systems we have disassembled the old secondary systems and installed the new block-unit protection and synchronization system for block A of the STEAG coal power plant.

In addition to the erection of the switchgear cabinets, these were also completely re-wired according to the circuit diagrams and handed over to the customer for commissioning.

Despite difficult documentation, the installation was completed on schedule.

Installation of machine control technology and safety systems for Faba Autoglas Technik in Berlin

The manufacturer of vehicle windows has done a complete replacement of the control technology for his glass cutting table.

We carried out this exchange and installed additional safety systems for personal protection at the cutting table like safety fence and light barriers.

The implementation was done within a short timeframe due to the production stop and was completed on time.

Redesign and cost optimisation of photovoltaic milk cooling system

Within the request for a project implemented by GFA Consulting Group in Bangladesh we have redesigned our milk cooling systems.

The milk delivery and collection cycles and the weather conditions in Bangladesh required a much bigger ice storage than our standard systems. This enabled us to rethink our design and still to optimise our system cost.

The milk chiller is now more powerful at lower costs. It’s able to cool down milk under the weather conditions of monsoon and still have a 2days cold storage in case there is no sun at all.

Repair and testing of reverse osmosis systems

For the disaster relief team of arche noVa e.V. we repaired five damaged reverse osmosis systems. Some of them had been heavily damaged.

With our help the systems can now produce clean water for people in need again.

arche noVa – Initiative-für Menschen in Not e.V. is a german non-profit- and non-governmental organisation working primarily on the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education.

Regardless of the victims’ ethnicity and ideology they support all those who suffer from war, suppression and natural disasters.

We are pleased that we could help them to help others.

Operation and finance concept for a fishing cooperative in Tanzania

Together with Caritas Tanzania we developed a concept for fishermen in the region Mbeya and Rukwa to operate and finance a photovoltaic ice maker.

The principal idea of the project is to introduce an efficient solar cooling facility for fish at the shore of lake Rukwa/ Songwe district in South Tanzania. And, by this way, to establish a continuous cooling chain and to increase the income of the fishermen significantly.

For the operation and the funding of this facility a cooperative can be founded. The concept figures out the way the operation and financing of such a cooperative.